Pyjama Time! 5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

With the rush of everyday life, we can easily find ourselves losing time to get a good night sleep. It becomes hard to go to bed on a routine basis and when you rise in the early morning you feel like you haven’t even slept. It happens to all of us. We wrote this blog …Continue reading


3 Tips for Providing the Best Care for your Lingerie

It’s time to wash your lingerie! There is an unappreciated importance of taking extra care when it comes to handling your lingerie. A high-quality lingerie set requires that extra step due to the nature of the fine materials. You want to preserve the natural dyes, the fitting, the softness of the items, and ensure that …Continue reading

The Three Main ‘No Joke’ Chemicals that Your Clothing may contain

It’s essential to understand the process that goes into the production of what you are wearing. This is because there may be hidden things that would influence your decision to buy a certain product. People are growingly conscious about what they eat so why not be conscious about what they wear as well! Our skin …Continue reading

The True Value of AmaElla knickers

Why AmaElla? You are debating to buy the AmaElla knickers because they are pretty and organic. Yet, you feel uneasy because £29 for knickers appears to be expensive compared to your traditional fast fashion chain store. We are here to help you understand why we, AmaElla, cost a pretty penny and ensure you that there …Continue reading

The Mindset to be Ethical

Eleanor O’Neill, founder of STUDY34, created her ethical fashion online space in order to understand and ethically justify the way that clothing is produced. STUDY34 is there to encourage innovative and responsible fashion brands in their mission to produce modern clothing and accessories, in a sustainable and ethical way. At AmaElla, we had the chance …Continue reading

The Matter

The Sustainably Driven Creatives behind The Matter

We are pleased to introduce you to the founders of The Matter! Marie, Olivia and Gabrielle are the creators behind this online marketplace that hopes to provide their customers with “an enjoyable and curated shopping experience”. By combining creativity, authenticity and ambition, The Matter hopes to encourage people to commit to a shopping style that …Continue reading

the answer is in the material


Fashion is constantly changing, with new trends, new idols, and new brands. How can we, as consumers, make sense of it all? How can we ensure that we are buying good quality clothing? We will let you in on a little secret that we believe in: the answer is in the material. At AmaElla, we …Continue reading

Sweet back to school

The Magic Of Organic Raw Food

We wanted to engage in Organic September by supplying our readers with a great way to begin the new school year by eating healthy & organic. We have been looking for dietary options that promote health and encourage organic food consumption but at the same time, is DELICIOUS. This is when we came across the …Continue reading

August 26th- National Women’s Equality Day

Special Celebration of Women’s Equality August 26th of every year commemorates a uniquely empowering day for all women. This day celebrates the certification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, that granted American women the right to vote. In the year 1973, August 26th has become a symbol representing women’s victory of equality …Continue reading

Passion for providing environmentally friendly solutions for fashion consumers

We have met Gintare CEO & Co-founder of Amberoot earlier this year and it has been the outmost pleasure to collaborate with a business woman with passion and a likeminded approach to sustainability. On her blog, Amberoot, Gintare shares insightful views about the use of organic, biodegradable, sustainable and diverse materials, the importance of being …Continue reading

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Sustainable Underwear

Meet Jen! She is the creator of The Sustainable Edit which is the perfect online place to go for women who are looking to minimise their wardrobe and read about the ideal ways of simple living. Jen is an inspiring blogger who moved from being a “fast fashion addict to a slow fashionista” by empowering …Continue reading

The Benefits of Being Vegan

Vegan or not Vegan? Here is the question. This week at AmaElla, we try to understand the benefits of being vegan. We invited Claire to share her views. Claire became a vegetarian at an early age (as soon as her parents let her!) and recently became a vegan. Along with being a busy parent, she has …Continue reading