fashion waste

Fashion Waste Serie – Conversation with Annie

We start our blog serie about Fashion Waste with Annie Ashwell, the founder of Home Of Eco who answered our questions and contributed to our campaign #LoveFashionHateWaste. “Did you know 300,000 tons of clothes are wasted in the UK each year? It’s unthinkable! Therefore, I’m standing with @amaella_lingerie and their #LoveFashionHate Waste campaign. There are so many …Continue reading

slow lingerie

Slow Lingerie: A Movement towards Sustainable Consumption and a Circular Economy

Fast Fashion has been taking over the world. According to a study by McKinsey, between 2000 and 2014, the number of items of clothing purchased by the average consumer increased by 60%, and yet people are holding onto garments for about half as long as they did 15 years ago. Thanks to the use of …Continue reading

sustainable entrepreneur


Franziska Hillmer is the founder of, an online-store focused on sustainable lingerie & accessories (we recommend you to have a look!). She shares with us her path towards sustainable lingerie and how to become a ‘sustainable entrepreneur’.             Why does buying sustainable lingerie matter? For me, it’s one of the few …Continue reading

Cotton PJs

Cotton PJs from Movie History

Films are replete with inspiration for wardrobes, but rarely drawn upon for nightwear inspiration. Yet, we have trawled the archives of movie history to give you the keys to unlock a pyjama paradise, and one that does not skimp on its environmental credentials. Be it Rachel Green’s vintage sports-wear-esque jumpers or Cher Horowitz’s itsy-bitsy cotton …Continue reading

natural dye


Ellie Beck is a textile artist and creative maker, working primarily with natural fibres and an instinctual process. She works with botanical and natural dyes, finding inspiration in and from nature. We fell in admiration with her art and started an exciting conversation. Through this interview, we invite you to discover her textile arts practice, …Continue reading

Conscious Valentine's Day

5 ideas for a Conscious Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and with this comes the undeniably beautiful feeling of love. We all have a desire to surprise our loved ones and show them how much we love them and with that beat our last year’s present with an even more amazing one for this year.   Valentine’s day at AmaElla means a …Continue reading

living wage

Minimum Wage vs Living Wage: Whose rights get slashed in fast fashion’s race to the bottom?

5am: You wake up and get dressed. You make your way to the bus stop and begin the daily commute. 5.50am: The bus arrives in the bustling city. You make your way by foot to the factory and get ready for the day to start, with the first shift at 6am. 1pm: You eat soup …Continue reading

christmas eco-friendly packaging

The Ultimate eco-friendly packaging guide for Christmas

During Christmas time it can come as a challenge to remain sustainably and environmentally driven with all the packaging that are involved: gifts that come in packages, food wrappers, Christmas cards, chocolate wrappers and that’s just to name a few. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge we face is how to find eco-friendly packaging when it comes …Continue reading

4 Reasons To Use Food-State, Fresh Skin Care Products

As an AmaElla blog reader and lover of organic cotton underwear, you appreciate quality and the value of environmentally-friendly products. But have you given equal thought to the products you’re putting on your skin on a daily basis – both in terms of their effect on your skin and body and on the environment? In …Continue reading

Ethical Shopping Black Friday

The Black Friday Crush

Black Friday has been known to cast its greedy spell over consumers. In the US, in 1952, the day following Thanksgiving was declared the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season. Synonymous with unbelievable bargains, excessive spending and a ruthless race to the bottom; Black Friday fever has swept over the nation. Black Friday got …Continue reading

Fast Fashion Panorama by Greenpeace

It’s time to Slow Fashion with AmaElla

Our Vision What is Slow Fashion? We, the dedicated team behind AmaElla, believe in remaining true to social justice and equality whilst ensuring to protect everyone’s dignity and wellbeing. Our aim is to provide lingerie and nightwear that is kind to the people who are part of the production process and kind to the people …Continue reading

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

It’s FINALLY here! In surfing the web for eco-friendly, ethically-sourced, not-gonna-kill-the-planet present ideas, inevitably we face a bombardment of irony-infused, anti-materialistic sentiment usually accompanied by a rather large price tag. It can leave us feeling lost in a sea of potentially perfect gift ideas, unsure where even to begin. The aim of this list is …Continue reading