Ethical Shopping Black Friday

The Black Friday Crush

Black Friday has been known to cast its greedy spell over consumers. In the US, in 1952, the day following Thanksgiving was declared the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season. Synonymous with unbelievable bargains, excessive spending and a ruthless race to the bottom; Black Friday fever has swept over the nation. Black Friday got …Continue reading

Fast Fashion Panorama by Greenpeace

It’s time to Slow Fashion with AmaElla

Our Vision What is Slow Fashion? We, the dedicated team behind AmaElla, believe in remaining true to social justice and equality whilst ensuring to protect everyone’s dignity and wellbeing. Our aim is to provide lingerie and nightwear that is kind to the people who are part of the production process and kind to the people …Continue reading

The Ultimate Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

It’s FINALLY here! In surfing the web for eco-friendly, ethically-sourced, not-gonna-kill-the-planet present ideas, inevitably we face a bombardment of irony-infused, anti-materialistic sentiment usually accompanied by a rather large price tag. It can leave us feeling lost in a sea of potentially perfect gift ideas, unsure where even to begin. The aim of this list is …Continue reading


Ladies & Gentlemen, read this before you ask or offer a new lingerie set this Christmas

Ladies! It’s Christmas and this means you have the chance to sweetly ask your boyfriend/partner/husband for that beautiful lingerie set you’ve had your eyes on for a few months now. How to be sure that your boyfriend will know the rightmeasurements for the lingerie set? Best & easiest thing to do is to measure yourself. …Continue reading


Christmas Expenditure- What are you gifting this Christmas?

A recent article published by Lingerie Insight has stated that “UK shoppers are expected to spend an average of £1,963 in the run up to Christmas this year, up 12.5% on 2016.”! What an incredibly high number… yet, if you think about it, is it really surprising? Consider our ever expanding and growing market that …Continue reading

5 Tips for a Zero Waste Lifestyle

There is a sort of satisfaction from knowing that your actions positively relate to your environment. Our friend, Mélanie from Sempervivum, has adopted a zero waste lifestyle and she kindly suggested 5 great tips on how You can join this mission as well.    1. Bring a reusable mug to work Most of us like to have …Continue reading

Fast fashion

The Ugly Truth behind Fast Fashion

On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed, leaving 1138 people dead and another 2500 injured. For weeks leading up to its collapse, garment workers in the factory had been voicing their concerns about cracks that had appeared in the building’s structure. Yet, without building standard regulations or worker unions, their …Continue reading

Why invest in the perfect pyjama?

Did you know that if on average you sleep 6 hours a night (which is 1/4 of your day) then you have slept through 1/4 of your life? Let’s say you live until you’re 80. That means that you have slept 20 years! 20! So why shouldn’t you do your best to make those dream …Continue reading


5 Tips to Take Care of your Boobs

Trawling the internet for breast-related nuggets of wisdom can leave us feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of advice dished out to women on how they should relate to their bodies and, even more so, their breasts. Some say wear bras, some say go free. Some stipulate exercise to keep breasts “buoyant” and “perk”, whilst …Continue reading


Pyjama Time! 5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

With the rush of everyday life, we can easily find ourselves losing time to get a good night sleep. It becomes hard to go to bed on a routine basis and when you rise in the early morning you feel like you haven’t even slept. It happens to all of us. We wrote this blog …Continue reading


3 Tips for Providing the Best Care for your Lingerie

It’s time to wash your lingerie! There is an unappreciated importance of taking extra care when it comes to handling your lingerie. A high-quality lingerie set requires that extra step due to the nature of the fine materials. You want to preserve the natural dyes, the fitting, the softness of the items, and ensure that …Continue reading

The Three Main ‘No Joke’ Chemicals that Your Clothing may contain

It’s essential to understand the process that goes into the production of what you are wearing. This is because there may be hidden things that would influence your decision to buy a certain product. People are growingly conscious about what they eat so why not be conscious about what they wear as well! Our skin …Continue reading


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