Organic & Ethical





Here at AmaElla, we do the opposite of ‘fast fashion’. While most big brands are rushing new garments into the shops to keep up with fast-changing fads, we do something very different: we produce your clothes on demand – clothes that are really wanted.

We are not about passing trends that quickly become out of date, but about carefully crafting timeless classics that you will love for ever. What’s more, they are ethically produced.

This means we do not stockpile any unwanted garments. We pool your order with those of other customers and make a batch when enough have been pre-ordered. This does mean you will have to wait a little longer to receive your lingerie. But when it arrives, you can wear it with the peace of mind that you have prevented waste, and the associated damage to the environment.

We want to bring some patience into our impatient world – a world in which customers see clothes as disposable.

3.6 billion pieces of clothing are left unworn in the UK’s closets

Did you know that a certain well-known high street chain was recently sitting on $4 billion worth of unsold clothes? When clothes are made in such a rush and so badly, the local power plant burns defective clothes.


And of course, like the rest of our lingerie, our new range is made of organic cotton, which means you are also:

  • saving the environment from pollution
  • saving your skin and intimate parts from contact with toxins
  • protecting the land and livelihoods of cotton farmers




  • To thank you for your support of SLOW LINGERIE, we are offering the first 100 customers a special discount of 30%.
  • Place your order today. Prices include the SLOW LINGERIE discount until the 101th order.
  • You receive your lingerie within 12 weeks after order confirmation. (In the unlikely event we do not get enough orders, we contact you to either choose another piece or get a refund.) You can lobby your friends to pre-order the same colour, to ensure critical mass for production.


The more people involved in the Slow Lingerie movement, the more impact we can make.


The range comes in four fabulous colours, with three gentle pastels, midnight blue, and almond blossoms.