Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Being eco-friendly always requires mindfulness in the way we live our lives, but this can feel particularly difficult when it comes to the holidays- particularly given all of the gift shopping and gift wrapping that happens come December! It is well known that most wrapping paper is not recyclable, and therefore must go into landfill or be burned. At AmaElla, we have come up with some cute, festive and eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas to (hopefully) inspire for the holidays!

As always, there are pros and cons to each method. The fabric option is best suited to those who are very organised, and will reuse the bags for many years to come. They are particularly great for gift wrapping awkward shapes! This particular one I borrowed from my grandmother, who has been gift wrapping our Christmas presents with these same lovely fabric bags for over fifteen years. I borrowed the stamp from my mother, with which I have been making eco-friendly gift wrapping for over five years! Another excellent way to make custom, recyclable, eco-friendly gift wrapping, is to use a potato stamp, tutorial found here!

For my eco-friendly gift wrapping, I have used markers, brown paper carrier bags, stamps, recycled ribbons from past holidays, a pine cone, a bit of thread, some garden twine, a snip from the Christmas tree and a festive gnome stamp. If you do not have a collection of eco-friendly gift wrapping supplies, consider the way you shop for gift wrapping this year so that the majority of what you invest in can be reused for many holidays to come!


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Wrapping ideas in the blog: Anastasia Anderson

Header picture: Kira auf der Heide