Cotton PJs from Movie History

Films are replete with inspiration for wardrobes, but rarely drawn upon for nightwear inspiration. Yet, we have trawled the archives of movie history to give you the keys to unlock a pyjama paradise, and one that does not skimp on its environmental credentials. Be it Rachel Green’s vintage sports-wear-esque jumpers or Cher Horowitz’s itsy-bitsy cotton combo; let this movie mood-board you’re your dreams with visions of drifting blissfully on cotton-candy clouds in organic cotton PJs.


Cotton PJs

Clueless-Cher Horowitz



Cher’s style is not often aligned with a minimalist aesthetic, yet when she flutters out of bed to plan her outfit for the day, she does so wearing a very paired-back set of white cotton jammies. The crop-top and shorts combo is just about as 90s as it gets, and screams of comfort married with elegant simplicity. An aesthetic that we are very much behind at AmaElla.




Cotton PJs

Sleepless in Seattle-Annie


This movie is full of great pyjama looks, ranging from full-on cotton nightdresses and padded dressing gowns to this to-die-for cotton onesie. Maybe it’s the pairing of such practicality—only needing to pack one item and tucking in a pair of sports socks—with the sheer ridiculousness of Annie’s stalky trip that makes this look perfect. If I were Meg Ryan, I would definitely have taken this onesie home from set.



Cotton PJs

Bridget Jones


We couldn’t make a list of movie PJ inspirations without featuring at least one festive piece, and obviously there’s only one place to go for such things: Bridget Jones. The cute penguin print and flannel shirt make this the ultimate in sleepover attire.



Cotton PJs

Friends-Rachel Green


Of course, Rachel Green has too many great pyjama looks to mention in one piece, but this has to be our favourite. Caught in the moment that Ross finds out that she has feelings for him, Rachel proceeds to spring up and launch herself upon Ross in the hope of retrieving the phone from his hands. Any items of clothing that look this great whilst managing to perform such feats of athleticism should be applauded, and the combination of slightly stretched cardigan with cotton plaid trousers is basically a whole day-look in its own right. If you want to channel your inner Rachel Green on a nightly basis, find yourself some flannel PJ bottoms, raid your grandma’s cardigan cupboard and drift off happily in the knowledge that Ross would fall in love with you too.



Cotton PJs

Atonement-Cecilia Tallis




While the most famous fashion moment from this film is undoubtedly Keira Knightley’s green dress, no-one can deny that this silk pyjama and lingerie set is also the stuff of dreams. Draping elegantly over her shoulder, the robe completes this look and takes the underwear from high-waisted lingerie perfection to bed-wear befitting a goddess.


cotton PJs

Coco avant Chanel: Coco Chanel



Ok, so it is kind of cheating to take a movie about Chanel as inspiration for fashion choices, but we couldn’t resist. This is 1930s gamine androgyny at its finest and we highly recommend that you go out and find a cheaper but just as splendidly luxurious pyjama set as soon as poss.


So, there’s our movie pyjama mood-board! We hope that has left you yearning for the perfect pairing as you reach for the popcorn and snuggle in for a film fest with someone you love.




Written by: Hannah Roberts, volunteering contributor at AmaElla