5 ideas for a Conscious Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and with this comes the undeniably beautiful feeling of love. We all have a desire to surprise our loved ones and show them how much we love them and with that beat our last year’s present with an even more amazing one for this year.


Valentine’s day at AmaElla means a lot as this occasion celebrates love in all of its colourful forms. This may be anything varying from family love, to puppy love. Love is free to spread and at AmaElla we encourage just that.


To quote a widely admired movie, “when you look around you, really, love is all around”. We hope you will take some time on this special day to find your sources of love, and express your gratitude for their existence. Give your family a call, meet up with your friend for a coffee, or why not surprise your partner with a special evening planned?


If this Valentine’s day you are someone who is stuck for an idea on what to surprise your loved ones with, we are bringing some of our ultimate favourites, that receivers would love to get and givers would love to gift:


1/ For delivery flowers, choose potted plants that are sold by organic and local vendors. A cactus is a good option as well, as these plants live long and bring a smile to the owners’ face for a while longer to come.

Conscious Valentine's Day

Picture credit @emberandivory


2/ Wanting to do something creative and handmade by yourself? Why not master the practice of creating beautiful origami flowers or perhaps writing out a recipe and buying organic ingredients to make it with? Mothers and other family members would probably appreciate the personal touch of a present that is meaningful. Especially if it gives you the option to spend some time with family.

Conscious Valentine's Day

Picture credit @shelika.toys


3/ Have you got a sweet tooth in the circle of loved ones? Organic and fair trade chocolate is exceptionally amazing. We are currently in love with (and can confidently recommend) the Ombar chocolate bars.

Conscious Valentine's Day

Picture credit @ombarchocolate


4/ If you are buying for your lovely female partner, we would suggest lingerie that is not only beautiful and comfortable but is also made with organic cotton in an ethical manner: AmaElla! Check out our nature inspired collection of bras, knickers, pyjama and negligee. Not sure what your loved one may prefer? Not to worry, we also have paperless e-gift cards!

Conscious Valentine's Day

AmaElla Gift Card


5/ If you are buying for your male partner, you might consider going down the route of doing something the two of you rarely do but might really enjoy. Arrange a night away from your busy life, or perhaps take him to somewhere he would really enjoy. If he is the sporty type, he might enjoy going to see his favourite sports team. If he is the art-loving type, he might enjoy a visit to a theatre. This is a great opportunity to show him how you pay attention to his wishes and likes.

conscious valentine's day

Picture credit @evertonvila


Whatever may be your way of expressing your appreciation for the loved ones in your life, we hope you will have a day that is special to remember not because you celebrated love, as we should celebrate love every day, but because you dedicated your day to bringing joy to everyone you care about.


We wish a very Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


Written by: Renata Kovacs, volunteering contributor at AmaElla

Header picture credit: Nathan Walker