Passion for providing environmentally friendly solutions for fashion consumers

We have met Gintare CEO & Co-founder of Amberoot earlier this year and it has been the outmost pleasure to collaborate with a business woman with passion and a likeminded approach to sustainability. On her blog, Amberoot, Gintare shares insightful views about the use of organic, biodegradable, sustainable and diverse materials, the importance of being …Continue reading

The ultimate shopping guide for sustainable underwear

Meet Jen! She is the creator of The Sustainable Edit which is the perfect online place to go for women who are looking to minimise their wardrobe and read about the ideal ways of simple living. Jen is an inspiring blogger who moved from being a “fast fashion addict to a slow fashionista” by empowering …Continue reading

The benefits of being vegan

Vegan or not Vegan? Here is the question. This week at AmaElla, we try to understand a bit more the benefits of being vegan and we invited Claire to share her views. Claire became a vegetarian at an early age (as soon as her parents let her!) and recently became a vegan. Along with being a …Continue reading

Spotlight on The Saiint Sisters

Meet The Saiint Sisters! An incredible and joyful duo of bloggers, who are passionate about fashion and ethical practices, just like us. On their blog, these two sisters talk about beautiful products that positively impact the maker, the buyer and our planet. From London to Cape Town, they search for the best brands that will make you look …Continue reading

Get ready for an elegant summer

Rose Crescent is one of those charming Cambridge streets, a few steps from the market square and a block from the majestic King’s College. Be forewarned – once you encounter it, you may find it difficult to leave. Lined with lovely shops and a few independent restaurants, the block beckons those seeking a reprieve from …Continue reading


At AmaElla, we invited the inspiring Victoria Valenzuela { @LaPesi } to share her top 5 tips to live a more healthy and conscious lifestyle. Currently finishing her degree in Sustainable Food Systems, she brings us very valuable advice to feel better in our body but also in our mind! Discover more about @LaPesi at the end …Continue reading

David Evans prch interview with amella

A man’s guide to the world of eco

  At AmaElla, we have virtually traveled all the way to the U.S to talk with David from prch (a man’s guide to the world of eco), who has a unique view on the balance between an enjoyable lifestyle with environmental and social responsibility. In his blog, he talks about conscious consumerism and how we “vote” with our money …Continue reading

Ethical lingerie AmaElla Sheer Apparel

From Economic Analyst to Sustainable Fashion entrepreneur

We are delighted to interview Paula Haunit, founder at Sheer Apparel. Paula is an entrepreneur who boldly decided to leave the city to fall in love with Fashion. We ask her about her journey and her views on Sustainable, Ethical Fashion.   THE DESIRE TO START A BUSINESS {AmaElla} You have a remarkable career in …Continue reading

AmaElla Ethical Lingerie_Analysis of my lingerie drawer

Analysis of my lingerie drawer

 “Last weekend I opened my wardrobe… …with a feeling that it was a good time to become a more elegant and minimalistic woman. I have been reading about minimalism and always felt that it could suit me. Willing to begin somewhere, I thought the layer I wear closest to my skin would be a good …Continue reading

5 Greatest Sustainable Fashion Britons

The 5 Greatest Sustainable Fashion Britons

Although Fashion Revolution week has long since ended, sustainable fashion is a never-ending topic for us. We had a reflection on some unique women who are making a difference in Sustainable Fashion and we realized that there are 5 unique women in the UK. We are not talking about someone who wears and item labeled …Continue reading

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