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Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, only second to oil. Even more worrying, non-organic/conventional cotton is the dirtiest crop out there. However, it is one of the most commonly used natural fibers and it's in nearly 40% of our clothing. Additionally, it uses 25% of all fertilisers around the world...

At AmaElla, we wanted to change this. We have made a commitment to only use 100% Fairtrade organic cotton to make our products. This means that all our garments are free from toxic chemicals. The absence of these chemical are beneficial for you as a customer; by wearing organic cotton clothing, you don’t expose your skin to any toxins. Organic cotton is also better for the environment. Organic farming uses traditional and new scientific knowledge to grow crops in a way that develops healthy, fertile soil, conserves biodiversity and protects natural resources - minimising the use of non-renewable and off-farm inputs. Additionally, 80% of land under organic cotton is rain-fed.

For our printed garments, we only use GOTS certified printing. This means that all of our prints are made with approved, water-based inks. This reduces the amount of toxic chemicals and the risks of skin irritation and allergies.

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