Long-Lasting Quality

Quality is our number one priority

We look for the best long lasting quality materials and we follow a very diligent fitting process to deliver the best product we can. We aim for an all-around final product, something beautiful, of great quality, minimum environmental impact and maximum social impact. This equation is translated to our products. The feedback we received from our customers verifies that. Here is what we can promise:

  • Our lingerie is as good as new even after 50 washes
  • The properties of cotton will allow your skin to breathe and stay fresh
  • Due to its perspiration and the ability to control moisture, organic cotton is the best material for lingerie; recommended by dermatologists
  • Our garments are carefully designed with maximum attention to detail
  • The fabric is referred to as SmoothSkin; this fabric is due to be long-lasting and remain soft for a very long time
  • GOTS certification ensures that technical quality parameters are met: rubbing, perspiration, and shrinkage values