An entrepreneurial dream based on shared values

Setting up a business together felt like the most natural thing to do…

People often say you shouldn’t go into business with friends...

Ever since we became best friends, we flirted with the idea of setting up a business together. But we didn’t want to set up just any business - we wanted to start a business that created positive social and environmental impact in the world.

From our combined knowledge of the fashion industry, we were shocked at the way companies exploited factory workers, suppliers and consumers. We decided to create an ethical fashion brand where people and our planet are at the heart of what we do.

One day we were chatting about how difficult it was to find beautiful lingerie made from organic cotton. That was our eureka moment and the rest, as they say, is history!

AmaElla is a social enterprise whose mission is to encourage ethical behaviour in fashion through sustainable and ethical sourcing.

It’s all in the details

We are turning cotton from drab to fab!

We want women to feel bold, beautiful and confident in their skin- our exquisitely designed organic cotton lingerie and nightwear is created with you in mind.

By selecting the finest organic cotton, premium trims, and pretty prints, we ensure your lingerie drawer is anything but ordinary.

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